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Coming Up: Lisa and Me (Beta Readers Wanted)

A while ago I wrote a sci-fi short story: Lisa ed io. It was in Italian and was just 1,400 words.

It sat there for a few months, collecting dust, despite it had gotten positive comments from – drum rolls, please – a real, published writer!

After a while, I decided to translate it in English to see if and how I could preserve the original style. When I was done, I decided to expand it a little, giving it more context, and I hope more power. Enter Lisa and Me.

Lisa and Me

Now this little gem of mine is in desperate need of two or three beta readers. It is 2,400 words, so it only takes fifteen minutes to read. If you are interested to go through it and give me feedback, get in touch with me via email (my last name dot my first name at gmail dot com). In exchange, I can offer you a similar service: beta-reading and giving you feedback about a work of up to 10,000 words.