Silent Mode Bypass is a free app that automatically disables Silent/Vibration mode when receiving calls and texts from selected contacts.

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Mostly useful at night if you know you can receive important or emergency calls and texts from certain contacts, but want to keep everything else silenced.

How It Works

  • Start the app, and add one or more contacts to the Bypass list
  • When your phone is in Silent or Vibration mode and you receive a call/SMS from one of the selected contacts, the app restores normal ringtone settings
  • Enable and disable the Bypass at will
  • Tap on a selected contact to remove it
  • Minimal to zero impact on battery life
  • No ads


  • This app only works for phone calls and SMS messages; any other kind of notification or sound is not affected
  • SMS support is EXPERIMENTAL
  • When the app restores normal ringtone settings, you have to put the phone back to Silent/Vibration manually