Things are going nicely and I am in the final review phase before editing and proofreading. Here is the horrible cover I designed myself (budget is tight, see below) which is still susceptible of further changes.

Update 2014/03/23: removed cover. See dedicated page.

The feedback from my beta readers Stefano and Anneka has been invaluable. It helped me a lot, and despite it hit on my ego (just a tiny bit), it was very formative and, honestly, I’m craving for more. I believe I fixed major plot issues and improved characterization, with the latter being probably my greatest weakness and deserving a lot more work.¬†April will be all editing and proofreading.

I plan to release White Dwarf One on Amazon on Friday May 23rd, so mark your calendars! The price will be $0.99 plus what Amazon deems right for taxes and other amenities. I’m not sure how it works yet, but the book should be available for pre-order a couple of weeks earlier (as if there were droves of readers eagerly waiting for it) – just checked and it’s not possible. If it’s not too complex and there are no roadblocks I haven’t seen so far, I will prepare a paperback version with CreateSpace.

All of that said, I still think I mostly suck at writing. I feel like an inept every time I read something by A Real Writer. Add that to a probably-too-high standard I set for myself, and you get the picture. How can I hope to please even just one reader? That’s impossible. And this is my first attempt at something this big (*).

That’s why I’m preparing for the worst: people sending me death threats for my utter inability at writing. Perhaps even knocking on my door and wielding pickaxes.

Also, I’m preparing by spending quite some money in professional editing and proofreading – probably more money than it’s sane to spend on such doomed endeavors – and hence the lack of a proper cover. Let’s say it’s another learning chance.

(*) Everyone keeps telling me to write for myself, for the pleasure of telling a story. That’s fine. I appreciate it, for real. I feel it. But it’s pointless. Expressing yourself to no one is a waste of emotions. Living the excitement, the sadness and the joy that I am creating is wonderful, and I think I should share it with others, even at the risk of making a clown of myself.