I also make wooden objects and I love taking photos.

A teaspoon of neutron star

A weird mix: sci-fi, writing, and tech

Software Architect by day. Sci-fi author by night. I write in English and in Italian.
I also take photos and make wooden objects.
Architetto software di giorno. Autore di fantascienza di notte. Scrivo in italiano e in inglese.
Scatto foto e creo oggetti in legno.

The Color of Emotion

Liam’s life was normal. Now, after a heinous accident at the factory, he is blind. Liam cannot see his little brother smile, he’s unable to enjoy the enticing view of Isabel’s body. He can no longer read. But he sees something else…

La percezione equivoca

La percezione equivoca: Racconti

Tra realtà e illusione, otto racconti—dal noir rocambolesco alla narrativa psicorelazionale, dalla fantascienza al comico—per esplorare l’universo ingannatore dei sensi. Cosa si nasconde dietro ciò che percepiamo?

Branch Off

Branch Off Cover

Sarah discovers something that could allow her to change the course of her life. But what she has done has many interested—humans and aliens alike—and everybody wants a slice of the cake.

White Dwarf One

White Dwarf One

They came to Earth to teach us their science. Then they invited us to their home planet. We accepted. But the journey is long and dangerous, and humans are not made for space.

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The Color of Emotion

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