About Dario Solera

Dario Solera

Breaking stuff apart: that’s what Dario did in his childhood. Not because he was a mean boy, but because he wanted to know what was inside and how it worked. Peeking inside seemed the right thing to do.

So he ended up studying Information Technology and doing all things digital, from soldering components together to building complex distributed software systems. He now leans more toward the intangible world of ones and zeros flipping around in the cloud. Software tends to be the most malleable artifact of human inventive, and that fits Dario perfectly.

And then he noted that something was amiss, so he started writing. Mind you, he has always loved writing, since when he was in primary school, but he has started doing it seriously—purposefully—a few years ago.

When he’s not jotting down bits to form words, sentences, and concepts, he works in IT at an Italian cloud computing company. He loves sci-fi (quite obviously) and photography. Oh, and good Italian food.

You can get in touch with Dario via email at [email protected].

Top 5 Everything


  • The Man In The High Castle, by Philip K. Dick
  • 1984, by George Orwell / Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury
  • Miss Smilla’s Feeling For Snow, by Peter Høeg
  • Lullaby, by Chuck Palahniuk
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, by Douglas Adams (most people underestimate this book; it’s funny, yes, but there’s much more about the meaning of our existence in this universe)


  • Bush (pre-split albums)
  • Blood Red Shoes
  • Guano Apes (pre-split albums)
  • Placebo
  • White Lies


  • The whole Matrix saga
  • The whole Alien saga
  • The whole Indiana Jones saga
  • Europa Report
  • Star Wars (ep. IV, V, VI)

TV Series

  • Dr. Who (modern series)
  • The X Files (earlier series)
  • Band of Brothers
  • Vera
  • Fringe (does anyone remember this?)