White Dwarf One – New Cover

Two months to go, five rounds of revision done, and I even have a new cover for White Dwarf One, which I have designed myself. I believe the result is slightly better than the previous, which shall be vanished from existence and only live for a limited time in Google’s cache.

White Dwarf One

I took inspiration from actual mission emblems. They tend to be somewhat rhetoric and that’s why one fits the cover very well. The road to heaven (or was it hell?) is paved with good intentions and not a small amount of hypocrisy. The White Dwarf One mission begins just like that – with pompous words and high hopes…

This new cover is also ready for a nice 6×9 paperback at CreateSpace, which I also plan to publish. As much as I don’t find paper books practical, a lot of people do. It doesn’t cost me anything but a couple hours of work, so why not? (If I must be completely honest, being able to hold your work in your hands is unique, so I guess I’ll order a few copies just for myself, just to feel it.)