Playing With Prices

Since the beginning, I set the price of White Dwarf One to $0.99 – the lowest price possible – plus whatever tax Amazon decided to add.

After an initial period of higher figures, the book sold roughly 1 copy per week, if I exclude free promotions and other sources of sales. Horrible results, you may argue, but keep in mind that I am no one, and I spent exactly 0 Euros in marketing.

The perceived value of something is important, and price has an effect on it. Something that costs little might be perceived as of little value. Note the term might. Also, it didn’t make sense that my collection of short stories cost the same as a full-length novel. I would have happily reduced the price of the anthology, but that was not possible.

Following this train of thought, I tried increasing the price of the novel to 2.99$ plus taxes. Well, the new price halved the sales to 1 every 2 weeks (although it increased my royalties).

Now I’ll try with $1.99 and see what happens. My goal is distributing the most copies, regardless of price and earned royalties, and I’m trying to find the right spot, which might not be 99 cents.