The time has finally come to call beta readers for my second sci-fi novel, whose (provisional?) title is Branch Off. Here is a brief synopsis.

For two years, physicist Sarah Davinson has designed an experiment that could help discover dark matter’s secrets. When she and her team at the largest particle accelerator analyze the data collected, they discover that the outcome is very different from what they were expecting. The anomaly that the accelerator has created throws Geneva into chaos and Sarah will have to make her way through it, catching the chance to find her lost family and keeping tabs on the powers that want to set their hands on the discovery. But the anomaly has gotten quite some people interested—humans and aliens alike—and everybody want their slice of the cake.

The thing is 58,000 words (about 200 6×9″ pages) and I’m now beginning a second editing round which I plan to complete no later than the end of November. Then, the book will be ready for beta reading.

Like last time, what I ask for is:

  • gut response (wow, this book is awesome vs. wow, this book made me want to pry my eyes off their sockets)
  • honest, unbiased, and detailed feedback about:
    • story and plot (is the story engaging? is the plot solid?)
    • characters (are they believable and different from one another? did you empathize with the protagonist?)
    • setting and environment
  • feedback about the prose
  • turnaround time of four weeks, with the final deadline set on January 4th, 2015
  • confidentiality (obviously).

In exchange, I can beta-read a novel of a similar length for you, providing the same feedback I’m asking for mine. I can work on that in December or after March, roughly. Any fiction genre in English or Italian is fine, except romance/erotica.

I already booked copyediting & proofreading for February, so deadlines are set and closing in fast (which is good, otherwise I’d never finish anything). So, if you are willing to lend me a hand, get in touch with me at dario dot solera at outlook dot com.