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  • Fingerprints as Passwords

    I’ll list the reasons why using fingerprints as passwords is bad. You only have 10 of them (assuming you don’t use your feet’s) Once one is stolen from a device or server, it’s not like you can change it, but it’s gone forever Someone, without reaching extremes like chopping fingers off, could just force your […]

  • Planning a Novel with Google Maps Engine

    One of the biggest problems to tackle when writing a novel is keeping places and times consistent and believable, especially if you have set it on Earth at present day. There are several things to consider, and I’ll name just a few: places where things happen should be real (or realistic) travel times must match […]

  • Are Blogs Dead?

    And with dead I mean “no longer engaging readers.” I would say yes. I didn’t run the numbers and my observation is purely based on anecdotal evidence (assuming such thing exists), but the majority of interactions with readers happens now on social media. Blogs are just a way to dump lengthy content and then link […]

  • My Computer Thinks I’m Monomaniac

    I noticed a very strange phenomenon across Twitter and Google. It is immediately obvious that they are trying to guess my (your) interest and adjust their estimations over time. How nice of them. The problem is that they get it wrong most of the time. For example, Google keeps nagging me with photography books on […]

  • Wave Goodbye To Your Bitcoins

    It had to happen, sooner or later. Bitcoin [exchange] MtGox appears to have pulled the plug entirely in the wake of sustained DDOS attacks and the “transaction malleability”problem […] the Tokyo-based company lost over 744,000 bitcoins (worth around $350 million) in a malleability-related theft that went on for years. Via Ars Technica. And don’t try to dismiss […]