Us & Them Got Published

A few weeks ago I wrote Us & Them, a sci-fi short story on the theme of first contact.

Peter Cawdron pointed me to Frank Zubek and Stella Wilkinson, who back in October had collected several short stories with the goal of curating a charity anthology, and were looking for new stories to assemble a second anthology.

So, I sent them Us & Them, and much to my surprise they included it in the anthology, titled Something for the Ride.

Something for the Journey

You can find it on Amazon and Smashwords (the latter will handle the heavy lifting of distributing it to other stores like iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Nook, etc.). It’s only $3.68/€2.68. All proceeds will go to charity, and it’s a delightful collection of short stories, so I expect every one of you to buy it immediately ;)

But, dear reader, what is really important, what is really wonderful for me, is that Us & Them is the very first story in the anthology. Being published made my day, but being published first made my… year.

On a side note, I am writing a sequel to Us & Them, and I am sizing it as a novel. It’s a huge endeavor for me, because I have never written anything that long in my life, but honestly I am enjoying it a lot, and that is what counts.





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