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Looking Down – New Short Story

Looking Down, another tiny short story of mine, was published today in the third and last book of the “Something to read…” charity anthology: Something to Take on the Trip.

Something To Take On The Trip

You can find it on Amazon (US, UK, IT) and it’s a bargain. For less than 3$/£/€ you get 40 short stories. If the trend continues, with the second book vastly better than the first, this one should be fantastic (now, there’s a fundamental problem with anthologies, but this one is nice because each story is around 1,000 characters, meaning you can read it in its entirety in around 10 minutes, making the collection perfect for commutes).

Looking Down dwells a bit in my darker mood, the one that tends to manifest itself in most of my short stories. Works of this length are perfect for introspection.

The cover looks to be made for women (at least to me), but did you know that ~65% of readers are female?






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