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  • #shortstory: Looking Down

    #shortstory: Looking Down

    I wake up, my eyes wet with tears. It’s dark and the place feels unfamiliar, but I am alive. Another day, the same nightmare. I stretch my limbs and look up from my cot. The ceiling is low and grey, patches of rust and soot marking it here and there. I get up and grab…

  • #shortstory: Us & Them

    #shortstory: Us & Them

    At first it wasn’t clear if they were “little green men.” They sure weren’t green. Everyone believed they were not human – everyone knew it – but media did not get hold of much scientific information. The point was, I think, that not much scientific information was circulating. Since when they had landed in a…

  • #flashfiction: Fog + Tears

    #flashfiction: Fog + Tears

    I don my overcoat and go outside in the fog, leaving the warmth of the pub behind. My high heels tock-tock on the pavement and the typical smell of moisture mixed with city envelopes me, not entirely pleasant but familiar. Soothing. The trees along the street have already begun to scatter their dead leaves around, large…

  • Are You a Good Person?

    Are You a Good Person?

    Last week I watched Ex Machina. And then I watched it again a couple of days ago. Yeah, it’s that good. Go watch it now, you really should. It’s a, introspective, sensible, no-nonsense sci-fi movie, with good visuals and deep dialogue. No explosions, though. In the movie, there are expected and obvious questions like what…

  • Aftermath of an Ebook Promotion

    Aftermath of an Ebook Promotion

    Last Wednesday I ran a promotion for Branch Off. OK, technically speaking, it was not a promotion because the ebook is always priced 99c, but anyway. For $35, I purchased a feature on bargainbooksy.com in the category Science Fiction. They give you a 1-day placement on their site, but more importantly your feature is sent to their…